It is said that a great artist is always before their time; and this stands true of Ikram!


As a certified artist, Ikram has dedicated years to the arts and is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to develop new skills. Explore his portfolio to discover why those special pieces were created, what they were inspired by, and learn more about their medium and techniques.

Ikram is inspired by nature and life. He is passionate about recreating the beauty his eyes see in the form of art.


He is self-taught and skilled in multiple mediums such as oil, acrylics, graphite, charcoal, watercolor, India ink etc. and has mastered various application techniques to produce many captivating mixed media artwork over the years.

Ikram discovered his love for art quite early in his life. At a young age of 13, he won a national award in painting which started his never ending passion for fine arts.

Having taught in schools, universities and organizations gives Ikram an all around advantage to combine both disciplines of art and teaching into one.